Program   Overview

  Name of The Course: UCMAS Abacus Reckoning and Mental Arithmetic.
  Nature of Course: An Active Numerical & Image Processing Training of Our brains using Abacus and Subsequently Imaginary Beads of Abacus to Process Arithmetic Calculation which sought to Improve the Development of Left & Right Hemispheres of the Brain.
  Relevancy of School Standard: Suitable for Pre-school, Primary and Secondary students.
  Duration of Course: 2 Years.
  Entry Requirments: NIL.
  Certifying Authority: UCMAS Abacus Reckoning and Mental Arithmetic Academy, in collaboration with The China Zhusuan (Abacus Reckoning) Association.
  Teacher Students Ratio: 1:20 recommended.
  Course Session: 2 Hours Session per week to be Allocated Flexibly or One Hour/Day, two days a week.
  Medium of Instruction: English and Arabic.
Brain  Gym

     The UCMAS Mental Arithmetic education program builds the ability to calculate fast and accurately. Learners are guided to use his mental ability fully. This program will stimulate both portions of the brain, hence allowing the right brain development itself to be flexible and to think even more effectively.
   The Mental Arithmetic program starts with the basic foundation course wherein the concept,methodology, usage of Abacus and fingering movements its beads areintroduced.Thereafter, the course progresses to advanced levels.
   At the advance level stage, the abacus is withdrawn from the child and they are trained to visualize an 'Imaginary Abacus' to perform different types of mathematical calculations, mentally. Such a method facilitates clarity of thought, imagination, concentration, photographic memory and the ability to think better. These unique training techniques are very simple enabling children to develop their latent mental power without any sort of excesses on the human brain.
   It is indeed exhilarating for educators to see the wide support of Abacus Mental Arithmetic training, which contributes a lot to the development of intellect.

      Brain Structure & Its Functions:-
      Human brain is divided into old brain (or called original brain) and new brain. Old brain is actually the basic equation of genetic factors. It multiplies the division from only 0.23 cm in conceive until more than 10 thousand million of brain cells in the 7th months of pregnancy.
   As we grow older, the area of old brain will become smaller. Generally, the basic nervous tissues in our brain are the subsidiaries, which is inheritance and only able in some minor activities such as hoarse, cry and voices when sleep. The nerve liaison net will develop quickly during the growing period in baby, infant and juvenile level.
     An Old brain is more primitive, it is charged of some undetectable physiology activities, for example controlling the body temperature, blood pressure, chemical equilibrium,digestion process, emotion and sub-consciousness. It is also called as “sub-consciousness brain” or “lower brain” because of its lower location in the overall brain. Our cerebrum is divided into right brain and left-brain. Both the brains are located at the upper right and upper left of the cerebrum, are the “consciousness brain” or “new brain” which is evolution part and responsible for the intellectual activities.

Courses -  Mental Arithmetic

  Pre school children: Level- KG 1, 2, 3 and 4
 Teaching them basic addition, subtraction with reckoning with abacus and mental calculation.
 Enjoying with fun, joke, game and poking beads.
 Result:-Able to calculate fingers fast and accurate, enhance their right brain power, Improve their self-reliance.
  Primary / Elementary Student: Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Higher & Advanced.
 Teaching them addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with reckoning with abacus.
 Enjoying with vision training, hearing training, fast calculation and competition etc.
 Result:-They like mathematic, calculate fast and accurate; Enhance their right brain power; Improve their self-reliance, etc.