UCMAS is a unique and scientifically-proven mental development program designed for children to develop their latent mental power at a very early age when brain development is reaching its peak.

UCMAS has been recognized worldwide for its proven results – with the most obvious being the learners’ fantastic mental arithmetic ability and speedy calculation after undergoing the mental arithmetic program Mental arithmetic compromises arithmetic calculation regardless of the complexity, using only the brain. What initially seems impossible becomes a reality with UCMAS.

At UCMAS, developing a lifelong love of learning in our students is our passion, and hence we don’t just tutor, we aim to inspire our students.

  • Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style: Tactile/ Kinesthetic learners learn best when they can use their sense of touch using physical objects or body movement – The UCMAS program focuses on the physical use of abacus for representing and calculating numbers. Other activities like the types of speedwriting facilitate this type of learning.
  • Auditory Learning Style: Auditory learners are those who learn best through hearing. In the UCMAS program students calculate by listening to numbers in extremely high speeds. In addition listening and writing jumbled dictations also help auditory learners. Thus strengthening their auditory style of learning.
  • Visual Learning Style: Visual learners are those who learn and understand better through visual aid or by seeing and observing things. On going use of the physical abacus helps students visualize the beads of the abacus, hence giving them a gift of Mental Math. At UCMAS we conduct various activities with flash cards, which are bead representation of numbers. These activities help children enhance their visual leaning style.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is a form of calculation that is solely done by the human brain without the use of pencil and paper, calculator or any other gadget or electronic device.

Mental Math is an ability to calculate and get a correct answer without using pencil & paper or any other electronic devices.

This is an essential building block that replaces the physical Abacus in the child’s mind. As the children gradually learn to visualize the Abacus in their mind (virtual Abacus), they learn to calculate mathematical problems using the principles of the Abacus, without the use of the physical tool.

However, there is more to this because when childrenattend UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Classes, they are actually also undergoing the process of developing other aspects of the mind. When the children have acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it is actually only the end result of having developed the following mental abilities:

Benefits of UCMAS

  • Improves Concentration
  • Improves Observation & Listening
  • Improves Imagination & Visualization
  • Strengthens Memory
  • Enhances Speed & Accuracy
  • Promotes Creativity
  • Boost Self Confidence